YINUO-LINK: Redefining Connectivity with the Y7 AC1200 Wi-Fi Nano Router
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Welcome to YINUO-LINK, a leading provider of advanced networking solutions. We are excited to introduce the Y7 AC1200 Wi-Fi Nano Router, a small portable router that combines powerful performance with convenient portability. With its impressive features and compact design, the Y7 Nano Router is the perfect solution for users seeking uninterrupted connectivity on the go.

YINUO-LINK: Redefining Connectivity with the Y7 AC1200 Wi-Fi Nano Router

Compact Design for Easy Portability

At YINUO-LINK, we understand the importance of staying connected wherever you are. The Y7 AC1200 Wi-Fi Nano Router is designed with a compact form factor that makes it incredibly portable. This small router can easily fit into your pocket, purse, or bag, making it an ideal companion for travelers, digital nomads, and anyone who requires reliable Wi-Fi access while on the move.


High-Speed Performance for Seamless Connectivity

Don't let its size fool you—the Y7 Nano Router is packed with powerful features that ensure fast and reliable connectivity:


Dual-Band AC1200 Speed: Experience lightning-fast speeds with the Y7 Nano Router's dual-band AC1200 technology. With 2.4GHz providing 300Mbps and 5GHz delivering 867Mbps, this router enables you to enjoy smooth streaming, lag-free gaming, and fast downloads. Connect multiple devices simultaneously without compromising on performance.


Reliable Connection: The Y7 Nano Router's dual-band capability not only offers faster speeds but also provides a more stable and reliable connection. Say goodbye to buffering and interruptions, and enjoy seamless browsing, streaming, and online activities.


Integrated Antenna and Power Supply: We've designed the Y7 Nano Router with an integrated antenna and power supply. This innovative design eliminates the need for additional cables and adapters, reducing clutter and simplifying setup. The compact size and integrated components make this router a truly hassle-free networking solution.


User-Friendly Features for Easy Setup and Management 

The Y7 AC1200 Wi-Fi Nano Router is designed with user convenience in mind. We've incorporated several features to ensure a seamless experience:


Easy Setup: Setting up the Y7 Nano Router is quick and straightforward. With intuitive installation procedures, you can have your router up and running in no time, without the need for technical expertise.


Support for VPN: The Y7 Nano Router supports VPN protocols such as L2TP and PPTP, allowing you to establish secure and private connections. Whether you're accessing your network remotely or ensuring the privacy of your data, the Y7 has you covered.


Multiple Wi-Fi Modes: The Y7 Nano Router offers various Wi-Fi modes, including Router, Access Point, Client, Repeater, Bridge, and WISP. This versatility allows you to adapt your networking setup to different scenarios, whether you need to create a private Wi-Fi network or extend the coverage of an existing network.



YINUO-LINK is committed to delivering innovative networking solutions that redefine connectivity. The Y7 AC1200 Wi-Fi Nano Router showcases our dedication to providing powerful performance in a compact and portable package. With its small size, high-speed performance, integrated antenna and power supply, user-friendly features, and support for multiple Wi-Fi modes, the Y7 Nano Router is the perfect choice for individuals who require reliable connectivity on the go. Trust YINUO-LINK for cutting-edge networking solutions that keep you connected wherever life takes you.