Router Software Development Engineer
Job requirements

Job Responsibilities:
1、Responsible for the development of open source OpenWRT system for wireless routing products, custom development of Iuci and Web. 

2、According to the software requirements, formulate the software outline design and detailed design of intelligent hardware products.
3、Modify the Uboot kernel, customize and develop existing drivers and adapt new peripheral drivers.
4、Efficiently resolve bugs found in product testing and perform software iterations.
5、Completing software coding tasks。

Job Requirements:
1、Full-time undergraduate degree or above, major in computer, communication, electronics, software engineering, etc.
2、More than 2 years of experience in embedded Linux or OpenWRT system C software development, those with gateway and router development experience can relax the requirements appropriately.
3、Proficiency in related network protocols, such as TCPIP protocol stack, NAT.
4、Rich experience in software development, debugging and problem solving, clear and rigorous logical thinking.
5、Able to think independently about the technical architecture and implementation of the product, as well as future scalability, can give reasonable solutions to problems, and effectively weigh the final implementation.
6、Good communication skills and teamwork spirit, rigorous work attitude and high quality awareness, good ability to resist pressure.
7、Familiar with Qualcomm/MTK routing scheme is preferred.