YN-SF105P Industrial Ethernet PoE Switch
YN-SF105P Industrial Ethernet PoE Switch
YN-SF105P Industrial Ethernet PoE Switch
YN-SF105P Industrial Ethernet PoE Switch
YN-SF105P Industrial Ethernet PoE Switch
YN-SF105P Industrial Ethernet PoE Switch
YN-SF105P Industrial Ethernet PoE Switch

· Support two power access at the same time. 
· Support redundant power supply. 
· Support reverse protection, short circuit overcurrent protection, and surge protection, to ensure uninterrupted work of the device.
· Industrial grade operating temperature: -30℃~75℃.
· Redundant backup, greatly improving product power supply reliability.
· Installation support DIN-rail mounting.
· High EMC protection level, can work in various harsh  environments.
· Support IEEE 802.3af/at standard, Single port output power to 30W.
· IP30 Protection can reduce the impact of dust.
· Aluminum alloy shell, solid and durable.

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Ethernet PoE Switch

Designed for industrial



  -30°C~75°C Wide                       IP30                      Single port output

 Temperature Work                  Protection                     power to 30W

     Standard DIN-                      Featured                     Aluminum alloy

     rail mounting                  Industrial Grade                   shell, solid

       installation                           Devices                        and durable


Multiple power protection

Support two power access at the same time. Support redundant power supply. Support reverse protection, short circuit overcurrent protection, and surge protection, to ensure uninterrupted work of the device. Support wide voltage input of DC12~60V, suitable for various industrial power supplies.


 Support positive and      When the equipment       It can pass the 4KV 

    negative polarity             is short-circuited,         common mode and 

 reverse connection            the power supply        1KV differential mode 

  protection, reverse          can bequickly cut            surge impact test, 

 connection can also             off to avoid             which greatly improves 

  work normally, to             other accidents.         the lightning resistance  

 prevent damage to                                                 performance of the  

equipment by misuse.                                                 power supply.  


Industrial grade 

protection design

·High-standard electromagnetic 

 anti interference protection design 

 can work in various harsh electromagnetic 

 environments such as electric power and 

 industrial plants. 

·Aluminum alloy casing and chemical nickel 

 gold PCB board greatly improve the corrosion 

 resistance of the equipment.

·The housing can be protected by IP30 to reduce 

 the impact of dust on the normal operation of 

 the equipment.



wide temperature 

working, no fear of 


Strictly designed in accordance with

the working temperature of -30℃~75℃,

it use industrial-grade components and

natural heat dissipation to ensure that the

device can work stably for a long time in this

temperature range, and meet various harsh



Selected industrial-grade components greatly reduce equipment failure

·The PCB board is made of chemical nickel-gold board, which has high anti corrosion, anti-oxidation performance, and better electrical performance. 

·High-redundant circuit design to avoid sudden changes in the external environment affecting the normal operation of the equipment. 

·Select high-standard long-life capacitors to greatly increase the service life of the product.


Compact design, DIN rail installation


Strictly abide by the IEEE 802.3 

af/at standard, the PoE output 

power of the whole machine 

can reach 120W

Strictly abide by the IEEE 802.3af/at standard, the power 

supply of a single port can reach 30W, and the output 

power of the whole machine can reach 120W, which fully 

guarantees the power supply demand of each port. With 

protection mechanisms such as overcurrent, overvoltage, surge, 

and short circuit that meet PSE standards, each port has its own 

independent circuit, and with an independent fuse, even if a single 

circuit fails, it will not affect the normal operation of other ports.

YN-SF105P Industrial Ethernet PoE Switch

Wide range of applications, easy to control multiple fields

Safe City
Industrial Automation
Multiple Wi-Fi Modes for Any Situation
Security System

Standard: IEEE 802.3, 802.3i, 802.3u, 802.3x, 802.3AF/AT

Protocol: CSMA/CD

Data Transfer Rate: Ethernet:10Mbps (Half Duplex), 20Mbps (Full Duplex)

Fast Ethernet: 100Mbps (Half Duplex), 200Mbps (Full Duplex)

LED Indication: Power, Link/Act

Network Media (Cable): 10Base-T: UTP category 3、4、5 cable (maximum100m) EIA/TIA-568 100ΩSTP(maximum100m)
                                   100Base TX: UTP category 5, 5e cable(maximum100m), EIA/TIA-568 100ΩSTP (maximum100m)

Port: 5*10/100Mbps RJ45 ports

Transfer Method: Store and Forward

Frame Forward Rate: 0Base-T: 14881pps/Port
                             100Base TX: 148810pps/Port

MAC Address Learning: Automatically learning, automatically aging

Installation: DIN-rail mounting

Dimensions: 118*75*33.5mm

Certification: CE, FCC, ROSH

Environmental: Operating Temperature -30℃ ~ 75℃         
                         Storage Temperature ‒30℃ ~75℃
                         Operating Humidity 10%RH ~90%RH(non-condensing)        
                         Storage Humidity 5%RH ~ 90%RH(non-condensing)