N1 Industrial Grade 4G Wireless Router
N1 Industrial Grade 4G Wireless Router
N1 Industrial Grade 4G Wireless Router
N1 Industrial Grade 4G Wireless Router
N1 Industrial Grade 4G Wireless Router
N1 Industrial Grade 4G Wireless Router
N1 Industrial Grade 4G Wireless Router
N1 Industrial Grade 4G Wireless Router

· Support LTE/WCDMA/GSM mobile communication protocol, support advanced LTE Cat4 technology.

· Support 4G full Netcom, you can connect to the Internet by inserting a card (Standard card).

· Adapt to harsh industrial-grade working environments at temperatures ranging from -30°C to +75°C.

· Support RS232/RS485 standard communication serial protocol.

· Support to turn on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi to provide wireless access to peripheral devices.

· Support wide voltage 9-36V design.

· Standard wall-mounted installation, easy maintenance.

· Industrial design, compact size, multiple connection interface.

· The network port supports passive POE power supply.

· Support VPN: OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP. 

· Support DTU: TCP-UDP( Server, Client ).

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4G Wireless Router

Designed for industrial 





       -30℃~75℃ Wide        Featured Industrial         Support VPN

      Temperature Work           Grade Devices               Function


          Support DTU                Support 2.4G                Standard

              Function                  Wi-Fi Coverage            Wall Mount


Industrial grade design

-30℃~75℃ wide 

temperature working

Strictly designed in accordance with the working temperature of -30°C ~ 75°C, select industrial-grade components, and adopt natural heat dissipation to ensure that the equipment can work stably for a long time in this temperature range and meet various harsh environments.


Support positive and       When the equipment       It can pass the 2KV 

    negative polarity             is short-circuited,         common mode and 

 reverse connection            the power supply       1KV differential mode 

protection, to prevent         can bequickly cut          surge impact test, 

damage to equipment           off to avoid           which greatly improves 

         by misuse.                      accidents.            the lightning resistance  

                                                                            performance of the  

                                                                                 power supply.  


4G full Network, plug

in the card to go online

Industrial-grade 4G wireless router, supports 4G full Network, supports 4G to wired, 4G to Wi-Fi, plugs in a card (standard SIM card) to access the Internet, easy to manage and maintain, can effectively reduce deployment costs, and help users build digital things.



No attenuation 

through walls, 

stronger signal

High-power Wi-Fi design, 32 

devices can be connected at 

the same time, high-speed, 

stable and smooth without 

stuttering, and strong signal.


Industrial serial port meets professional communication with back-end equipment

It supports RS 232/RS 485 protocol, and can communicate with router back-end equipment (such as PLC programmable logic controller, etc.) in TCP-UDP( Server, Client ) modes to meet the interaction of common data and control commands in industrial control scenarios.



Open VPN/PPTP VPN/L2TP VPN function meets the needs of remote secure communication

Support OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP function, establish a private secure encrypted channel for user access and data transmission, and properly protect enterprise data security.



Wall Mount

Fix the device vertically on the wall with screws (M4).


N1 Industrial Grade 4G Wireless Router

Suitable for large-scale machine networking

For example: Smart Manufacturing  / Industrial Automation  / Smart Power  / Intelligent Medical  / Intelligent Transportation  / Security and criminal investigation  / Oil and Gas Energy  / Industrial robotics  / Wilderness Big Data  / Intelligent agriculture  / Digital production equipment, etc.

Safe City
Industrial Automation
Factories and Mines


CPU: QCA9531

RAM: Default DDR2:128MB

FLASH: Default 16MB


Ethernet Port: 2*10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Port, WAN/LAN

Industrial Serial Port: RS232 x 1, RS232 Signal: T, R, G, ESD Protection: 4KV

                                  RS485 x 1, RS485 Signal: A, B, G, ESD Protection: 4KV

Button: Reset button

SIM card holder: Drawer type card holder

Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n: 300Mbps

Antenna: Detachable 2* SMA 4G and 2* SMA Wi-Fi antenna


Transmitting Power: 802.11b:26dBm ±2dBm(11Mbps)

                                  802.11g:24dBm ±2dBm(54Mbps)

                                  802.11n@2.4GHz:23dBm ±2dBm(HT20 MCS7)

                                  802.11n@2.4GHz:22dBm ±2dBm(HT40 MCS7)

Power Supply

Max. Power: <12W

Power Interface: 4 PIN Industrial DC power socket

Standby Power: 150mA@24V(HSPA+network)

Working Power: 200mA@24V(HSAP+network) 

Peak power: 350mA@24V(HSPA+network)

PoE(Passive): Passive PoE over spare pairs. Possibility to power up through LAN port, not compatible with IEEE802.3af, 802.3at and 802.3bt standards

Software Specifications

Network Type: LTE-FDD:B2/B4/B5/B12/B13/B14/B66/B71       WCDMA: B2/B4/B5

WAN protocol: Support Static IP, DHCP, PPPoE

Firewall: DMZ, port mapping

Embedded watchdog: Device runs self_x0002_detection, auto recovers from malfunctions

Link Detection Embedded: Sends heartbeat packets to detect, auto redials when disconnected


Mechanical characteristics

Mounting method: Wall-mounted

Shell: Metal Structure

Product Dimesions: 78X82.2X36mm


Environment: Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 75°C

                       Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ 100°C

                       Operating Humidity:10%~90%RH non-condensing 

                       Storage Humidity: 5%~90%RH non-condensing

LED: PWR,SYS/WiFi/4G/4G Signal Strength Indicators

Certification: FCC, CE, SRRC, RoHS