[BBWF - Network X 2023 | European Communications Fair], YINUO-LINK concluded successfully!
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The 22nd BBWF-Network X 2023 | European Communications Fair, which was held from October 24th to October 26th, came to a successful conclusion, it was provided an excellent communication platform for the global communication field.

As a leading supplier of wireless network solutions and communication equipment, YINUO-LINK penetrated into the majority of user groups and achieved remarkable results in this exhibition. The wonderful on-site demonstration by the technical team not only showed the excellent style of our products, but also deepened the users' high level of understanding of our products and services. In addition, it actively interacted with users on site, listened carefully to users' needs and feedbacks, and provided users with customized solutions and communication experiences.

YINUO-LINK France EUROPEAN COMMUNICATIONS FAIR, a successful conclusion!

During the exhibition, our customers fully affirmed and highly evaluated our products, and at the same time attracted the attention of many potential partners and strong intention of cooperation. We also collected a lot of information about the latest market, which provided the research basis for grabbing more market share in today's fiercely competitive market environment. This not only highlights our sustainability and innovation in the communications industry, but also signifies a new journey in our commitment to provide the world with the most convenient local area network interconnection and Internet access services.

YINUO-LINK France EUROPEAN COMMUNICATIONS FAIR, a successful conclusion!

Of course, we still have deficiencies, we will continue adhering to the concept of down-to-earth,make good quality by heart, and actively participate in foreign professional exhibitions, and actively expand the global market, adhere to go abroad, participate in the international competition, communication and cooperation, and continue to improve the globalization of the industrial direction, and the localization of the marketing service network. Always adhere to independent research and development of new technologies, and is committed to the continuous innovation and enhancement of communications technology, to create more innovative products to meet the changing market demand, and to contribute to the development of the communications industry!

Our development and learning never stops. In the coming February, we will be waiting for you in Barcelona, Spain [2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC)]. At that time, we will show our innovative products in a more vivid way, letting you feel the vigor and passion of YINUO-LINK! You are welcome to stay tuned to our latest news! 

Upcoming Exhibitions

February 26-29th, 2024

Hall 1, Booth 1C82

Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC)

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