Unlocking Convenience and Efficiency with Our Compact WiFi Router
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Since we YINUO-LINK establishment in 2012, we have been committed to meeting the increasing demand for efficient LAN connections and internet access services. Our comprehensive product line covers wireless LAN, broadband access, Ethernet, power-line communications, and more. With over ten years of industry experience and a dedication to customer satisfaction, we strive to provide professional services and cost-effective products.

Unlocking Convenience and Efficiency with Our Compact WiFi Router

Y7 AC1200 WiFi Nano Router 

Redefining Wireless Networking As a useful provider of wireless network solutions, we present the Y7 AC1200 WiFi Nano Router, a compact WiFi router designed to revolutionize your internet experience. With its sleek design, dual-band AC1200 speed, and multi-mode selections, this router is perfectly suited for both home and travel applications. Let us explore the remarkable features that set our Y7 Nano Router apart.


Travel Size Design and Multi-mode Functionality 

We understand the need for convenience and portability. The compact WiFi router features an incredibly compact size, allowing you to carry it effortlessly in your pocket, purse, or bag. Whether you are at home or on the go, this travel-friendly router ensures you stay connected at all times. Additionally, the Y7 supports multiple WiFi modes, including Router, Access Point, Client, Repeater, Bridge, and WISP. It adapts to any situation, providing you with the flexibility and versatility you require.


Fast and Stable Dual-band AC1200 Speed 

Say goodbye to slow internet connections. The compact WiFi router offers dual-band AC1200 speed, providing reliable WiFi access with speeds of up to 300Mbps at 2.4GHz and 867Mbps at 5GHz. This allows for multiple devices to connect, ensuring uninterrupted browsing, streaming, and gaming experiences.


Integrated Design and Fireproof PC Materials

Our Y7 Nano Router boasts an integrated design, eliminating the need for an external AC adapter. With a built-in antenna and power supply, this router offers a clean and organized setup. Crafted from fireproof PC materials using high-precision molding technology, the Y7 exudes sophistication while maintaining durability. The crystal-clear indicator light adds a touch of high-tech elegance to its appearance.


Easy Setup and Support

We believe that setting up your router should be hassle-free. With the compact WiFi router, you can have your network up and running in minutes. The intuitive web interface enables quick configuration and management of your network settings. Furthermore, the Y7 supports VPN (L2TP, PPTP), allowing you to establish secure connections for enhanced privacy.



In conclusion, YINUO-LINK's Y7 AC1200 WiFi Nano Router combines portability, speed, and versatility to provide you with an exceptional wireless networking experience. With its compact design, integrated functionality, and easy setup, the Y7 offers convenience and efficiency wherever you go. Trust YINUO-LINK to be your reliable partner in bringing convenience and communication channels to the world.