Optimization of YINUOLINK processes and regulations towards refined management
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Regulation is the root of the company's operation, can provide a stable architecture and standardized, but also to ensure the efficiency, fairness and impartiality of the work. As the old saying goes, 'You can't make a circle without rules', in the environment where 'details determine success or failure', optimizing internal processes and strengthening the implementation of the regulation are of substantial significance for improving work efficiency, reducing costs and increasing competitiveness.

Since March, YINUOLINK has been moving towards the goal of 'refined management'. In order to further improve and refine the management rule of the company's internal process and improve the management level of the company. Recently, YINUOLINK organized a comprehensive combing work of regulations and processes. On the basis of the existing regulations, combined with the company's management requirements and actual development, the process and rule of each department has been re-combined and optimized to ensure that the work can be done in accordance with the processes and regulations.

Optimization of YINUOLINK processes and regulations towards refined management

Organized by the Administration Department, with the participation of all departments, the processes and regulations that do not meet the company's development needs were revised and improved. At the meeting, each departments enthusiastically expressed their views on the existing processes and regulations of the loopholes, cumbersome and repetitive processes and not in line with the humanization management of the problem. Through active discussion, the optimized process rule is more in line with the actual development needs of the company, enhance the enforceability, make up for the shortcomings of the regulation, and also clarify the responsibility and authority, regulate the behavior, and reasonably allocate the work task, which improves the staff's satisfaction and work enthusiasm. Further standardization and improvement of the company's various process management rule, so that the basic management work is more orderly, the workflow is more fluent, the realization of refined management, for the efficient management of enterprises to lay a solid foundation.

Optimization of YINUOLINK processes and regulations towards refined management

YINUOLINK has been training the relevant management rule of each department and practicing the feasibility of the workflow to ensure the effective implementation and continuous promotion of the program. Create a good working atmosphere that everything is accounted for, everything is settled, and everything is responded to.

YINUOLINK always keep pace with the times and meet new challenges at its best. Looking ahead!