Experience Dual Band WiFi Excellence with YINUO-LINK
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As a comprehensive router manufacturer, we YINUO-LINK offers a diverse product line encompassing wireless LAN, broadband access, Ethernet, and power-line communications. We continuously push boundaries and explore new frontiers by expanding our product line to include innovative solutions such as wireless image transmission, smart home integration, cloud computing, edge computing, data storage, and industrial internet. With our cutting-edge equipment and forward-thinking approach, we strive to provide users with comprehensive solutions and integrated services to meet all their networking needs.

Experience Dual Band WiFi Excellence with YINUO-LINK

Our Commitment 

We strive to provide professional services and cost-effective products to our valued customers. With YINUO-LINK, you can trust in our dedication to meeting diverse customer needs. Partnering with us will undoubtedly bring convenience and enhanced communication channels to the world. As a network equipment supplier, we take pride in delivering advanced wireless network solutions and communication equipment that ensure fast, stable, and versatile wireless networks. Let's explore some of our most popular products together!


Product Highlight: Y1 AX1800 Dual Band WiFi6 Router 

Y1 AX1800 Dual Band WiFi 6 Router: Experience the next generation of WiFi speed with our Y1 AX1800 Dual Band WiFi6 Router. This Open-Wrt WiFi6 router, developed by YINUO-LINK, boasts exceptional features designed to provide you with an unparalleled wireless network experience. By combining cutting-edge technology, high-gain external antennas, and versatile connectivity options, the Y1 AX1800 router caters to the needs of families, offices, and hotels alike.


Next-Gen WiFi Speeds

Enjoy lightning-fast and stable network connections with speeds of up to 1.8 Gbps. Whether you're streaming content or engaging in online gaming, experience lower latency .


Extensive WiFi Coverage with Advanced Technologies

Benefit from Beam-forming technology and four high-gain antennas that adapt WiFi coverage to your home, ensuring signal strength is concentrated towards your devices. No more dead zones – enjoy comprehensive coverage in every corner of your space.


USB Media Sharing 

Connect and share your external drives effortlessly across your home network. Transfer and stream files such as photos, movies, and music with ease, making your multimedia experience enjoyable.


USB Wireless Printing 

With our USB port, you can conveniently share printers across your wireless network. Say goodbye to tangled cables and enjoy hassle-free wireless printing.


Gigabit WAN Port 

Make the most of your broadband connection with the Y1 AX1800's Gigabit WAN port. Experience lightning-fast speeds of up to 1 Gbps, ensuring efficient data transmission and optimal network performance.


Easy Setup 

Setting up your Y1 AX1800 router is quick and hassle-free. Our user-friendly interface and step-by-step instructions will have you connected in minutes, making the installation process a breeze.


Multiple WiFi Modes for Any Situation

The dual band WiFi supports multiple WiFi modes, allowing you to configure it as a Router, Access Point, Client, Repeater, Bridge, or WISP. No matter your networking needs, our versatile device has a mode that's perfect for you. Stay connected during travels or boost your home WiFi – the choice is yours.



YINUO-LINK's Y1 AX1800 Dual Band WiFi6 Router stands out as an exceptional solution for users seeking reliable, fast, and wide-ranging wireless network capabilities. With its exceptional WiFi speeds, extensive coverage, advanced features, , this router guarantees an unparalleled online experience. Trust YINUO-LINK as your go-to provider for wireless network solutions and discover a world of possibilities. Join us on this technological journey and unlock the true potential of dual-band WiFi with YINUO-LINK!