Efficient Customization, Unlimited Possibilities for Smart Bluetooth Gateways
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Technology developing and competition is fierce

YINUOLINK takes innovation, quality and customer first as the tenet. Efficient R&D and fast delivery of AX8400 Tri-band Wi-Fi 6 Smart Bluetooth Gateway.

1. Explorations and breakthroughs

With the rapid development of science and technology and the increasingly fierce competition in the market, the R&D strength of enterprises is more and more crucial in the market competition. In order to enhance its competitiveness, YINUOLINK actively explores, innovates, and deeply insights into user needs. On the basis of maintaining the original conventional product development progress, it makes full use of its rich experience and profound software and hardware strength to further expand the customization business.

2. Quad-core power, intelligent gateway leads the high-speed era

At the end of December 2023, YINUOLINK had an in-depth discussion with the customer about the AX8400 Tri-band Wi-Fi 6 Smart Bluetooth Gateway (YN-AX8400) customization project.

Stable Performance

Efficient Customization, Unlimited Possibilities for Smart Bluetooth Gateways

It is designed with quad-core ARM® architecture high power FEM. With a main frequency of up to 2GHz equipped with 16Gb-DDR4 and 128GB-EMMC, its stable performance enables it to easily handle multi-tasking and keep the device running smoothly in various application scenarios such as high-density conference, modern video teaching, large games, live video streaming, AI intelligent computing, NAS transmission DOCKER, etc. It provides users with a more stable and efficient wireless communication experience.

Efficient Customization, Unlimited Possibilities for Smart Bluetooth Gateways

All-around enhancement for a stronger connection

Efficient Customization, Unlimited Possibilities for Smart Bluetooth Gateways

Equipped with one 2.5Gbps, four Gigabit ports, one USB3.0, new generation Bluetooth 5.3 technology and built-in high gain antenna. Supports OpenWrt version 21.02 secondary development, tri-band 12-stream, 160MHz mega-bandwidth, twice the speed of 80MHz bandwidth, which can transmit more data at the same time, providing higher throughput and faster data transmission speed, with wireless speed as high as AX8400, which can easily connect more than 500 devices. In addition, the gateway's Bluetooth capability enables it to seamlessly connect with a variety of Bluetooth devices, further expanding its range of applications.

Efficient Customization, Unlimited Possibilities for Smart Bluetooth Gateways

Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz support 4x4 MIMO Wi-Fi specifications and upstream/downstream OFDMA technology, which can both enhance the device's Internet signal and establish higher wireless backhaul bandwidth with the front-end routing. In addition, in a multi-user Internet environment, it can improve the average transmission rate of each user and dramatically reduce the latency, especially in multi-user handheld gaming scenarios, which significantly improves gaming experience.

Efficient Customization, Unlimited Possibilities for Smart Bluetooth Gateways

3. Efficient R&D, Fast Delivery

In this fast-paced business environment, time is benefit. YINUOLINK scrambled for time to synchronize the work of compiling software, hardware design, antenna adaptation, firmware validation, etc.; purchaser, PMC and other departments assisted in accelerating the pace in material selection, validation and material preparation. In addition, members of the R&D team gave full play to their professional advantages, carried out strict control and careful debugging in all aspects of design, R&D and testing, and at the same time, continuously overcame technical problems and applied advanced R&D tools and methods to optimize and improve the project in depth.

Efficient Customization, Unlimited Possibilities for Smart Bluetooth Gateways

The perfect combination of efficient teamwork and professional technology made the project complete the whole process from R&D to sample delivery in just over a month, which not only reflects our breakthrough in R&D capability and its fast delivery ability, but also saves valuable time and resources for the customer and helps them to seize the first opportunity in the market competition. Of course, the success of the project can not be separated from the support and cooperation of various aspects. The trust and support of the customer provided us with a solid backing; the support and close cooperation of our partners ensured the timely supply of materials and quality assurance, which added a powerful boost to the smooth implementation of the project; and the concerted efforts of all departments formed a strong synergy to jointly promote the project forward.

Efficient Customization, Unlimited Possibilities for Smart Bluetooth Gateways

Efficient delivery and product performance far exceeded the customer's requirements, this achievement is certainly welcome, but this is only the starting point of the pursuit of excellence, we still have many shortcomings need to be improved. In the trial production stage, we continue to improve and strive for excellence, further optimize the production process, and continuously improve product performance to make it more perfect.

4. Pursuit of quality and quick customization

Our success does not come overnight, but through the efficient use of teamwork and the mastery of specialized technology. We have always been adhering to the persistent pursuit of technology and product quality, strictly following international standards and quality management systems, and evaluating all aspects of performance testing, durability testing, and safety testing. Customers choose us based on their trust in us, and our persistence in product quality is the best way to return customers' trust. We promises to always provide customers with high quality products and services with a high sense of responsibility and dedication, pay attention to customers' needs, and constantly strive to optimize the user experience.

YINUOLINK not only has efficient R&D capability to launch innovative products quickly, but also has accumulated rich experience in the field of customized products. Whether it is specification, function or appearance, they can be customized according to the specific needs of customers in order to meet the needs of various different industries and application scenarios and provide the most suitable solutions for customers.

Efficient Customization, Unlimited Possibilities for Smart Bluetooth Gateways

5. Innovation leads the future, quality creates brilliance

In YINUOLINK's growth history, the three concepts of innovation, quality and customer first are like a three-legged tripod, and they drive us forward.

Looking to the future, YINUOLINK will continue to lead by innovation, oriented to user needs, constantly improve its own research and development strength, keep the original intention, and do a good job of quality with heart! Provide customers with better quality and more diversified customized products and services.